The Seven Deadly Sins: Ban

The Seven Deadly Sin is an anime series. Ban is a Seven Deadly Sins character who has the sin of greed as his power. Ban’s abilities are super-resilience, immortality, and tall muscular build. He also has tan skin, well developed abdominal muscles, short spiky blue hair with red eyes.


Ban is seen with a large scar given to him by Meliodas. He wears a red leather jacket and pants with metal studs sewn into both alongside shoes of a similar, yet darker color. Seven Deadly Sins character Ban has a tall, muscular build with tan skin and well developed abdominal muscles. He usually wears clothes that emphasize these features but he can also be seen in robes or armor to cover them up.

His Seven Deadly Sins symbol of the Fox is located above his waist on his left side with long hair that extends past his shoulders which he later trims to be much shorter.

Ban is a formidable opponent who possesses abilities that are unique to him, and unlike most of the Seven Deadly Sins he doesn’t rely on any special weapon or magical power but instead fights with his fists which can create shockwaves in capable of destroying anything in their path. 

In Purgatory, Ban wears a long-sleeved red jacket with a leopard-like pattern design, made with the skin of the local species; it has a high collar that slopes backward, and the jacket is wide open reaching up to his pectoral muscles, exposing his upper-body.


Ban has shown some of his greedy aspects and desires. He has a musical tone to his talking. Despite of his greedy side, he is also shown as caring and kind. Ban carries a deep hatred toward the Demon Clan for killing Elaine.

Special Powers and Abilities

Ban is very powerful and his speed and strength greatly surpass that of an ordinary human. Ban’s greatest ability is that he is immortal. Ban has shown to be able to regenerate his wounds and heal from injuries in a matter of seconds.

He also does not age, does not require eating or drinking. He has an ability to heal others.

Surviving the Purgatory, Ban’s has a solid endurance and durability. Ban’s combat abilities had increased statically throughout his combats with Demon King.

His special powers is to snatch, an ability that allows Ban to “rob” physical objects, physical abilities of others, body parts such as a heart or an arm in the blink of an eye, making them weaker.

Ban has a soft corner and affection for Elaine. Ban is a very personable, cheerful and easy-going individual. Ban also has an amazing sense of humor. Ban’s Seven Deadly Sins is Greed.

Elaine gets killed by the Demon King and resides in the Capital of the Dead. Ban considers Elaine to be one of the two people in his life that accepted him for who he is, other being Meliodas ,though Elaine and Ban reunite later in the series. Meliodas is Ban’s best friend.

Ban is one of the greatest characters in the Seven Deadly Sins. He remains the strongest and the wittiest among the others with special powers and unmatched strength and vigor.

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