Sports : An activity of involving physical exertion or skills of individual or team.

How do you feel about England or  West Indies in sports?

I mean, it can’t be that different. We both compete in the same sports, we both play cricket, we both have the same colors, and we both have a long history with cricket.

However, I don’t care for  England. They have a great team, and I don’t care for West Indies. They have a great team, and I don’t care for  West Indies.

The thing is, you’re not just competing in the same sport. You’re competing against a team that has been around for nearly a century.

West Indies are also a team and I will say that I am a huge West Indies fan, but I have no problem with England.

Facts about West Indies.

England is the same team as West Indies, but without the players that have made it such an enduring success.

Yes, they are the top-ranked team in the world, and yes, they have won the Ashes a few times.

But I am a huge fan of England.

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I also have nothing against  West Indies.

And of course, I am a huge fan of the English and the Englishman who invented cricket.

England is the current world champion, and won the 2011 World Cup, but that doesn’t make them a household name.

It’s not that England is a bad team, it’s just that they’re not one of the best teams.

West Indies is the new darling of the cricket world, and has been since the 1990s.

It’s also been a long time since England has won the Ashes, and that’s a bit unfair to them.

The English and West Indies are actually two different teams.

The English cricket team is the best in the world, and has been for almost as long as  West Indies.

The West Indies team, on the other hand, is the second-best. Its played in a different time and place.

With different rules and fans, and its actually pretty much the best team in the world right now.


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