Rapper : a person who rhymes some word related to topic to make it sound like a song.

Meme on rapper.

No, i do not mean the one made up by the rapper, rapper, rapper, and more rapper. I mean the sickest meme ever.

You may have heard of it but it is still true.

The reason it is sick is it is an absurd joke that has become a viral meme.

The internet has created an uncanny resemblance between the person who made the meme and the person who is sick.

These people are both so in love with their memes that they don’t notice what anyone else is seeing.

Most of us are in the same situation.

We have a sick meme, and everyone is so in love with it, they can not stop watching it.

But we also have this sick meme, and we are so in love with it, that we think it is the only thing that matters.

And, since it is the only thing that matters, we all make memes about it. We are the meme-makers.

What makes meme so interesting?

vendetta, anonymous, mask @ Pixabay

This is exactly what makes the meme-making process so interesting, because it’s not like any one meme is actually important.

So while we love our sick memes, we think its important and we make our sick memes in order to make our sick meme-makers feel appreciated.

The sick memes we make are not as special as the sick meme that everyone loves, but we still feel as if we have a great deal to contribute.

The meme-makers in this case are the sick meme-makers.

It all started back in January 2014, when a few people at Workplace Insights (a site that lets us get some “insightful” stuff about hiring for startups) .

Went on a meme-making binge, and released the hilarious “Ill Wind” meme.

We all know how meme-making works because it’s so popular.

It’s a way for people to share memes they like and get a laugh at the same time.

It was a good meme, because it showed how a meme is generated and then shared, but it was a terrible meme.

Because it was so stupid and obvious. So we decided to take matters into our own hands.


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