Pop up blockers: extension to block annoying popups & overlays in an easy & effective way.

How to disable pop up blocker?

I personally don’t use pop up blocker because it makes me think that I’m not as smart as I normally am. I don’t really think I’m smart, but I’m definitely not as smart as I would like to be if I didn’t have the ability to block pop ups.

The reason pop up blocking is not the best way to do things is that it takes away the ability to block pop ups. Instead of blocking pop ups, you block pop ups that you don’t want to block. 

For example, if you make a pop up that says “It’s been 3 days since I’ve eaten anything”, then you can block it. However, if you block a pop up that says “I’ve eaten nothing in 3 days”, then you will still receive pop ups.

You can block pop ups by using the “block popups” option of your browsers privacy settings. The blocking is temporary though, so if you like pop ups, go on and use the block popups option. If you don’t like pop ups, disable the block popups option.

The pop up blocker is a good way to block pop ups, but it can be easily circumvented. Many times I have seen pop ups that I don’t want blocked, but that I can bypass. For example, I don’t want my phone to show up when its locked down. I can unlock it by saying, “I’m on this website, so I can see what you are up to,” but its an easy way to bypass pop ups.

How many methods are there to trick the pop up blocker?

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To trick the pop up blocker, there are two methods. One is to simply be vague about your web browser’s version number. This will let you bypass pop ups without any problem.

The other method is to set your browser to open pop ups as a new window. This trick is most effective when you have a small screen. On a large screen, a pop up blocker wont work because it would block the window.

More facts about pop up blockers.

The pop up blocker is just another part of the browser’s security measures. It’s hard to get rid of, because there are some pop up blockers that do require a browser to be opened in a new window.                                                              There are also some that are programmatic and are so easy to bypass they will simply disable the pop up blocker.

What I like doing is using a browser extension because it allows me to prevent pop ups altogether. My favorite extension is called Pop Up Blocker.


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