Log Horizon Season 3: Destruction of the Round Table

This blog post is for those who are looking to find out what happened in Log Horizon Season 3. The third season aired from January 13, 2021 and ended on March 31, 2021. It was based off the novels written by Mamare Touno that were first published in 2011. Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table follows our favorite characters as they work together who are unable to log off and to die in the game, “Elder Tales” becomes a new reality for those unfortunate adventurers trapped in the game.¬†

The plot of the series is about Elder Tale which is an online fantasy RPG that has become popular worldwide. One day, in the twelfth expansion package, “Novasphere Pioneers” is installed, thirty thousand players in Japan are trapped inside, the players are trapped inside their own virtual world. Unable to log out or die in-game, this is now a new reality for those unfortunate adventurers and they must find some way to live on.

Toshizo Nemoto is the creator of this anime series. The series covers the genre of ¬†“fantasy, science fiction and action.”

There are some of the finest episodes that will make all the fans of the series keep on watching until the very end.

The anime series is based upon a novel written by Mamare Touno, which was published in 2013 and received widespread acclaim for its deep insight into how online gaming has changed over time. Japan is the origin of the production of the series. The language of the series thus being  Japanese.

Each episode of the third season runs for about 25 minutes. The series will take you on a journey that is filled with romance, drama and all those emotions you feel when something grand has happened.

If you haven’t watched the third part of the series, then you should start from the beginning.

The anime series has a lot of viewers and it is rather successful as well! It seems that season three will be one to watch out for if you are into science fiction or drama. The story is really gripping, just like all other seasons before!

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