Like : a good, pleasant feeling for a person.

How to I tell him I like him?

I know this question is a little old, but I’m sure you’re reading this and asking yourself the same thing. The answer is that it’s impossible to tell someone how you feel until you’ve done it.

That’s not the only thing that you can’t do. You can’t tell someone how you feel before you did it. The only way you can tell someone that you like them is by doing it, so that other people can confirm your feelings. Of course, you have to tell someone first. But chances are that the other person will know the same thing already, so you’ll be stuck with an awkward silence and a very un-sunny smile.

One of the things that most people do is start small and build up to something bigger. The reason they do this is because they don’t want to put their feelings on public display. After all, they don’t want to embarrass themselves by being publicly obvious. This is the exact same reason that people don’t share feelings. They don’t want to be seen as being less than their best self. So they keep things to a very minimum and just say how they feel.

But when a person says they like a person, they are being sincere. And if you have ever had a friend or loved someone who started out as a “not-so-great” person and ended up a great person then you know what I mean.

Some more ways to to tell someone your feelings.

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One of the easiest ways to tell him you like him is to ask for his opinion. This is the same reason why people don’t ask for their opinion on the weather. You don’t want to know how you feel because you dont want the person to know how you feel. And if you do you are probably being manipulative.

A lot of times when people ask me for my opinion on something I say something that might sound like this: “Hey man, I like you. I love you.” It sounds like you are asking for a yes or a no. They are really asking for their approval, and if you know what I mean, that makes you an ass.

The last time I checked, approval is a good thing. But you can’t just say yes if you don’t like something. I am not going to turn you down on a first date just because I don’t like your taste in music or your shoes. I would say that that is something I would take into account if I were to ask for your opinion on something.


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