Hitomi-Chan: Story of a young princess and perfect example of shyness.

Who is Hitomi-Chan ?

Hitomi-Chan is a character in the series Hitomi-Chan by J.K. Rowling. She is a young girl who lives in a castle. She is also a girl who is shy and prefers to be close to others. Shyness is a feeling that we can use to label a behavior.

She does not speak, and she rarely smiles. She is very introverted, and she has a tendency to hide behind her curtain in her castle.

What does Shyness mean?

The word “shy” is actually a thing in Japan. It comes from the Japanese word shibari, which means “to hide.” It’s something you can do if you are afraid of getting in trouble.

In fact, it is often used as a verb, meaning to “hide” from someone. It’s a little bit like that old saying “I’ll be right back.” You just can’t say the word and go to the bathroom.

In Japan, the word shy is derived from the verb shibari. Though, in the same way that shy is a word, shy is a feeling. There is nothing shy about being shy. It’s a feeling that you don’t want to be around people.

It’s like the difference between shy and nervous. Shy is about your personality, and nervous is about your situation. Shy is a feeling that you don’t want to get yourself into. It’s a feeling you want to avoid.

Shyness is a feeling that we can use to label a behavior. It is a feeling that we dont want to get ourselves into and want to avoid.

If you feel shy when you do something, you are feeling it. If you are shy when you are about to do something, you are being shy.

When we are shy, we are feeling it. When we are nervous, we are being it.

More about the drama:

So when Hitomi-Chan, a shy person, meets a guy in the supermarket and goes to ask him for money, we are told that this is not how Shy people really act.

Shy people are so nervous that they simply do not want to ask the person for money.

So we’re told that when Hitomi-Chan is nervous, she is really only acting shy. This is not how Shy people act.

Shy people are those who shy away from making eye contact.

She also is speaking to strangers at a time like this.

Shy people are also those who never show their faces to strangers.

Shy people do not like to interact with strangers. It’s an innate behavior.


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