Hensuki: A girl perfect , seventeen year old beautiful girl to fall in love with.

Who is Hensuki?

Hensuki is the Japanese cutie, is as sexy as she is beautiful! Are you willing to fall in love with a girl who has a perfect face, round body, and full lips. She’s also a girl who’s not just a one-night stand. She’s been through a lot and is ready to show her love for the one who broke her heart.

What’s her story ?

Yeah, I can see how you are you willing to fall in love with a girl like that would leave a guy in the lurch.

But her story is a good one. She was in the same class as me, but a lot worse in all ways.

Are you willing to fall in love who liked to flirt and have sex on the school bus.

She’s also been through a lot.

When she was little her father was killed by a drunk driver .

She was only seventeen when she did it.

Hensuki’s story is about the time she was a teenager. She’s a teenager who wants to die.

When she was a teenager she ended up in a mental hospital and she ended up committing suicide.

Her parents were killed by drunk drivers, she’s been arrested for stealing cars and was jailed.

She’s gone through all of that because of the way she was raised.

She was sexually assaulted as a teenager, she’s been hospitalized for her mental illness, and she’s been in and out of mental health facilities.

Hensuki’s family background.

This girl is a product of a dysfunctional family.

She’s been able to do everything those situations have told her to do.

But she’s still not fully aware of herself or how her brain works.

No wonder she needs to be in a mental hospital.

As a result of that, she has a severe mental illness. She is also a product of a dysfunctional family.

Her mother was murdered by her father, and her stepfather abused her mother.


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