12 Ways Food and Stuff Can Help You Live to 100.

What are food and stuff?

I’ve been on the journey with most of food and stuff  ideas for well over a decade now, and I will tell you that these are a huge part of keeping the stress and anxiety down in your life.

I find that most of these ideas have a ton of truth to them, but I feel like too much emphasis on them can make them feel a little bit hollow. But I’m here to tell you that if you can look back on your life and say, “Man, I had this great idea, I had this great idea,” then its worth going back and doing it again.

What is the difference between an idea that you truly believe in and one that you just want to be true?

I find that there is a huge difference between an idea that you truly believe in and one that you just want to be true. If you think a good idea is worth doing, then you should do it. But many people just want to be happy with the status quo.

So, when I talk about doing something, I mean doing it because you think it’s worthwhile. I don’t mean doing it because you want to get rich, or get famous, or get a ton of free stuff.  I mean doing it because you truly believe it is worth doing. A lot of people do stupid things because they think they’re going to do great things.

What are the things that can help you live 100 years?

Well, a lot of things can help you live to 100. One of my favorite things to do in this life is to watch the Food Network. I love watching the same old commercials for things that are still good. Like yogurt or ice cream, and then go to a different station. Watch the commercials for the stuff that is bad, like the same old commercials about the latest diet craze and how it will make you gain weight or it will kill you.

We’ve all been there. You wake up one day and decide you’ve got to do something. Also you can start doing it and it starts getting better and better. You begin to feel good about it, but you wonder how long you’ll last. You start trying new things and it becomes more difficult than it ever was to get it to work.

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