Destiny 2: Darkness in the Light quest full of missions to complete side quests

Destiny 2: Darkness in the Light is an engaging Destiny quest that has players completing side quests to conquer exotic weapon and armour rewards. The Destiny 2: Darkness in the Light quest starts by unlocking Gambit mode, then playing through the prologue missions of Destiny 2. Once you have completed these tasks, speak with Drifter to get started on your destiny!

The destiny has challenging quests that you will need to complete which are fun as well as frustrating. Destiny is a game that will have you coming back for more time and again; this quest has plenty of content with missions to complete as well as side quests!

This Destiny quest is full of memorable characters which make the experience even more immersive. Destiny gives players an opportunity to explore new worlds without having to leave their homes — allowing them to take over the virtual world and take on the role of Destiny’s Guardians.

The Destiny quest can be played solo or with friends and there are rewards for completing these missions!

Rewards and Further Gameplay

The mission ends with you receiving a reward of weapon Malfeasance which is a hand cannon.

This is a great quest to complete if you’re looking for something new, challenging and exciting! Every turn in this quest will reveal an amazing reward that feels like Destiny was made just for you. 

The Destiny quest has a heap more content for you to enjoy and explore, with missions that range from easy to challenging. 

Playing the Quest

The finishing of the quest will require you to talk to the Drifter, a mysterious character located at the very depths of the Tower. Then head on to defeat 25 mini-bosses. Help the drifter catch the thief that stole the depleted weapon core and return it to the Drifter. Further you will have to submit 400 dark motes and win 10 games. After finishing the mission till here, defeat an enemy invader 3 times or invade and kill 25 guardians during Gambit matches. Return to the Drifter and there you go! 

Your reward will be waiting for you in the form of an exotic weapon or armor piece. 

Weapon and its Power and Abilities

Malfeasance is a hand canon which is a powerful weapon with increasing your skill and ability in PVP modes and PVE missions such as strikes and Nightfall.

The canon is helpful in higher-level content such as dungeons and raids.

The weapon will look excellent to your collection of weapons and will be handy in the Destiny universe.

This gun is destiny worthy as well because this has more features to consider such as accuracy, range and reload speed which makes Destiny not just an amazing game but something different from what we are used to playing.


Destiny 2 has underrated weapon but it is still amazing and very useful in Destiny universe. 

The gun has perfect range and it can gradually deal with higher-level content such as dungeons, raids, strikes and Nightfall as well. 

If you are a diehard fan of the game series you will have a great time finishing the side quests in Destiny 2.

The weapons have many features to consider and it will be a great help in Destiny universe as well. 

You just need to play a game and you are all set to become a Destiny pro!

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