Death loop : a game which helps you take decisions in life.

How to make your own decisions?

Once you take a decision  about exactly what you want to do, you can always find ways to make it happen.

The real trick is to find the moment that makes you feel like you want to just go for it.

You won’t know what that moment will be until you decide to do it, and you’ll just have to find that moment.

What is Death loop ?

woman, question mark, person @ Pixabay

In the first Death loop trailer, we see a series of scenes which remind us that we’re on a game show.

Where contestants are shown only the answer to a question.

It goes on to tell us that the first time we get to the first clue, we’ll have to guess the correct answer.

The contestants will keep trying until they finally get it right. But for some reason, once we figure it out, we actually have a much better chance of winning.

For some reason, the first time we figure it out, we get a much better chance of winning.

This is because we’re not just seeing an answer to a question, we’re actually seeing it happen. All that’s left for us to do is guess the right answer, and we’re winning.

The difference is that we can see how the scene is unfolding, and the other contestants can’t.

In Death loop, once we figure out an answer, then we have the option to either play it out and see if we get it right, or to play the scene out and see if we make it all the way through.

But in the first case, we have much better chance of winning.

We are able to see the game through, not just through the eyes of the person doing the guessing.

We can see how and why the other players are getting it wrong.

But we can’t see the wrong way, so we can’t predict the outcome.

If you want to see the scene in full detail, you can watch the trailer below.

It’s also important to note that this is no “shoot first, ask questions later” game. We have the opportunity to watch the whole game unfold. We can see the wrong way to proceed.

So we can correct our mistakes with knowledge gained from the experience.


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