Dane County Humane Society Association Helping People to Help Animals

The Dane County Humane Society Association is an organization that helps people to help animals. Dane County Humane Society Association was founded in 1921, by Ida Kittleson, wife of Madison Mayor Isaac Milo Kittleson. and has been a staple of Dane county ever since. They are located at 5132 Voges Road, Madison, WI 53718 and their hours are Monday through Friday 12:00pm to 7:00pm Saturday and Sunday 2:00pm to 5:00pm Wednesdays by appointment only.

What are Our Duties?

We offer refuge, healing and new beginningsĀ to many different species of animals, including domestics, wildlife and farm animals. Dane County Humane Society Association provides a variety of resources to Dane county residents such as an animal shelter for homeless pets in need, low-cost spay/neuter services and educational programs.

We also cure injured animals, protect endangered species, and make Dane County safe for animals.

While Dane county humane society association is a small organization, we have an incredible impact in Dane county as well as the surrounding areas. Large organizations often overlook smaller communities like Dane county because they don’t see enough profit potential or market share to be viable investments.

What is Dane County Humane Society?

We are non profit, private community-supported organization whose mission is to serve Dane county and surrounding areas by providing a safe haven for homeless animals, preventing cruelty through education programs, low cost spay/neuter services for Dane County residents, as well as emergency response in cases of abuse or neglect.

We are not affiliated under any government or large organization. Dane County Humane Society is a private, community-supported association that relies on the support of volunteers and donations from individuals and organizations to continue our vital services for Dane county residents

We are a national welfare organisation for animals and we are a community welfare organisation for Dane County.

We have been saving the lives of animals regardless of age, health status or temperament. We raise them in a nice environment on Dane County Humane Society’s premises and we find them homes in Dane County.

You can adopt any animals of your choice from us and we guarantee that they are healthy. We rehabilitate Dane County animals with the intention of making them adoptable and happy. We carry out educational programs for children, adults as well as Dane county organizations to help people understand why it is important that we be humane towards our animal friends.

Our Community and Welfare

Along with fostering the pets Dane County Humane Society Association also provides businesses to take part in this program so that we can all be a part of the solution together.

DCHS is the second largest shelter in Wisconsin with 5,000 companion animals and 4,000 wild animals every year. We have staff of 80 and volunteers above 800 who are always willing to help Dane county make a difference in the lives of animals.

We offer adoption guarantee which means, animals under medicinal conditions or treatable and manageable conditions will find their new forever homes guaranteed, even if that means Dane County Humane Society Association pays for the animal.

Dane county humane society association is making a commitment to provide care and protection for all animals in need.

You can gift pets from our society, donate with your purchase, or volunteer your time.

Dane County Humane Society Association helps Dane county people to help animals by providing quality care and protection for all Dane county animal needs.

Visit our community service center and you will find how dedicated we are towards the stray, wildlife, and domestic animals!

Dane County Humane Society Association is doing the best we can to provide Dane county with a safe haven for all Dane county animal needs.

We are committed to giving shelter, food, medical care and rehabilitation services in order to improve quality of life for people and pets alike!

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