Can Dogs Eat Tuna?: The Truth Behind Eating Fish As a Dog

Dogs are carnivores, so they need meat. Dogs can’t eat a vegetarian diet and survive. Dogs are scavengers by nature, which means that when they find something to eat they’ll take it and there’s no telling what’s in it until after the fact. Dogs have been known to consume everything from dead animals to trash, as well as plants and fruits like tomatoes or grapes if given the chance. One food dogs should avoid is tuna because it contains high levels of mercury which could lead to health problems for your dog such as kidney failure or impaired development of their nervous system.

Why is Tuna Toxic for Your Dog?

Tuna is a salt water fish which means the water contains a lot of industrial waste such as mercury, PCBs and dioxins. Dogs are a lot more susceptible to these toxins than humans because of their smaller size and the sensitive nature of their metabolism. Dogs also have less ability to break down mercury in their digestive tract which means it will stay there longer and do more damage over time. Tuna is one fish your dog should avoid eating.

Tuna fish is a long-living and comparatively larger fish. Thus, it will have survived a longer time in the polluted water and taken in more mercury. They also have higher levels of mercury because they are larger than smaller fish and can ingest it easier, so the amount of time that passes before you make your dog eat them will not be enough to lessen their effects on your body.

Tuna sushi is one type which should always be avoided if possible for dogs. Mostly the seafood is rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, but it will also contain salt, which can be toxic to your dog. Large amounts of sodium in the body can lead to health problems such as kidney damage, diabetes, mellitus and high blood pressure.

Alternative of Tuna

The best fish for dogs is salmon because they are smaller and have lower levels of mercury than tuna or larger types of other species. Tuna can be replaced with whitefish, herring, cod, salmon or sardines.

Other seafood like shrimps can also be an alternative for Tuna. Dogs can have seafood but in a considerable moderation.

Effects of Tuna on Your Dog’s Health

Tuna being a toxic food can cause severe health problems to your dog. Dogs are very sensitive and they need a lot of care in their dietary needs. Tuna is high protein and omega-fatty acids but it also contains excessive amounts of salt which can be toxic for the dogs.

It can lead to blindness, Tremors, Blood Vomits, Hair Loss, Kidney Damage, High Blood Pressure and many other health problems. Dogs that eat this do not have a proper way of digesting the high levels of mercury found in tuna due to their shorter life span, leading to higher levels of mercury being stored inside them.

It is better to keep your dog away from Tuna than paving their body with health problems in the future. Dogs are considered carnivores and should not be fed on a vegetarian diet because it will lead to serious deficiencies as they cannot digest plant-based proteins. Choose a better alternative for Tuna!

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