Blood Diamond: Main Antagonist

Blood Diamond is the main antagonists in The Fluorite, Angel aura quartz, and Azurite. Blood Diamond is the leader of the Negative Diamond Authority and has a lot of power. Blood Diamond is an evil diamond that wants to rule the world, possibly because they have had badly experiences in life them.

Blood Diamond’s main goal is to find “The One” who will be able to stop The Fluorite from destroying everything on Earth. 

Current Status

Blood Diamond is observed to be on Mars with Blood pearl and Bloodstone’s. Blood Diamond has not made an appearance on Earth to date. 

He will need human blood to sustain his bloodstones so he sends his gems down to earth to kidnap humans and harvest their blood. Blood Diamond has a tendency to be in the company of Blood Pearl and Bloodstone, possibly because their blood is not human like ours.

Powers and abilities of Blood Diamond

All of the gems have various abilities. Blood Diamond has the ability to create and control Bloodstones, invoke a weapon, change shape, and strength, agility, speed, and skill beyond human capabilities.

He can heal himself with the help of the gemstone Blood Pearl. Blood Diamond is a strategist, using his abilities to outsmart and kill humans that he cannot control completely through Bloodstone magic, which renders them brain dead zombies in the process.

Gemstone of Blood Diamond

The gemstone of Blood Diamond is kept safely and is located on his chest, featuring a diamond facet. Blood Diamond is in possession of Blood Pearl, a gemstone that he needs to heal himself. The front and back are symmetrical, and it has a ring around it.

In the event that Blood Diamond does lose any life force, then this gem can be used as an emergency backup plan for him if needed.

The gemstone is kept hidden inside his body until he requires it.

Blood Diamond is also known as Orange Diamond as he is in possession of Blood Pearl and his favorite color is red. He has abilities of Telekinesis and Teleportation. He also has a sword that can shoot Energy Waves. Blood Diamond has the ability to be as strong and powerful as any of his fellow diamonds. 

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